Adventures in Daou (Updated)

For all you Elixir regulars and newbies, here are some songs by the luminous Vanessa Daou.

Vanessa’s hotly-anticipated new album, Joe Sent Me, is about to hit the virtual shelves over at Daou Records, and Mercer County Community College’s Mercer Dance Ensemble (M.D.E.) will be celebrating by presenting an evening of dances set to selected cuts and remixes.

The concert, Joe Sent M.D.E., will premier at Kelsey Theatre on the Mercer County Community College campus this May (1200 Old Trenton Road / West Windsor, NJ). Dance Program faculty Janell Byrne will choreograph and direct, with guest choreography by Elixir co-founder Jody P. Person and others.

Learn more about Vanessa and grab some CDs at Daou Records!

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